Timefy offers carefully selected designer, urban and trendy watches. Watches that come from far away: Japan, Denmark, Germany, UK, USA but also France. The range consists of rare models, quality watches with a story to tell, a different concept, innovative and precise design.

This selection is accompanied by quality photos to help understand the design, form and functions. We are at your disposal to help you find a rare pearl, answer your questions or suggestions to evolve, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is Everything guaranteed?

Products are guaranteed for 2 years in accordance with European regulations and are manufactured by internationally renowned brands.   Whatever the case, we will always be there to help you and to support you if you encounter problems as we do with all our customers.

Who's behind Timefy?

Timefy is a member of the Edenly Group , a Swiss company that has been selling gold and diamond jewelery exclusively on the Internet for more than 10 years with tens of thousands of customers throughout Europe, and a recommendation rate of more than 98%. Feel free to read the reviews on the Internet.

Timefy joined Edenly Group in 2019. The site was already celebrating its 10th anniversary. Timefy continues to be a "select store" of brands run by a team of design and watch enthusiasts. In addition to this, Edenly brings operational excellence to customer management and Internet sales.

For more information, visit Edenly - Who We Are < /a>